Fashion of Philly: CIFIKA at Ortlieb's Lounge 4/5

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

CIFIKA at Ortlieb's Lounge 4/5


Rising Korean phenomenon CIFIKA will be playing at Ortlieb’s Lounge on April 5 at 8PM. Her EP “Prism”, out March 8 on Third Culture Kids has been getting high reviews from industry leaders.

“CIFIKA has crafted a collection more magnetic than any earlier work — from the pounding insistence of the opener, “Prosper,” to the subtle glitches and sharp, biting pleas of “Good Luck From Her,” into the club remix-ready pop of “Pieta” and “Water.”

“CIFIKA is game-changing the way you look at Korea’s musical landscape. Her brand new PRISM EP grabs the rapt attention of the listener and draws them into the colorful, futuristic world that CIFIKA has distinctly created on her own.”

“Alluring-yet-mysterious pop siren”

She’s a DIY, self-taught/producer/mixer/singer/songwriter rising steadily from Seoul’s underground electronic scene and has only been creating music for the past 2 years, which I find hard to believe. 

Listen to the EP here:

Both familiar and indefinable, she deftly blends R&B, low-fi, dark electronic soundscapes with bouncy house and playful pop, along with her signature vocals in both English and Korean. Her voice is majestic, layered and textured with her electronic productions. Tickets are Free with RSVP so make sure you reserve your spot quick!

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