Fashion of Philly: How to Achieve that Perfect Brow

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Achieve that Perfect Brow

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Founder and CEO of Uni K Wax CentersNoemi Grupenmager, gives us some insider secrets for shaping and maintaining beautiful brows. Their New High Precision Tweezers are a beauty lovers dream, keeping your brows flawless in between visits. Keep reading if your interested in getting your brows right for that party of the year!

How do you figure out your best shape/ideal arch? Should you avoid celebrity trends and let your face shape and natural brows determine your brow style?

The most important element in selecting a brow shape is to look at the shape of the face, then how we wear our hair.  A person with a full head of hair will most likely have a good frame on its own, whereas short hair usually reveals more of the face which further emphasizes the eyebrows.  How the eyebrows are shaped plays an important role in highlighting the frame of the face, especially with short hairstyles. With short hairstyles, a more dramatic brow will intensify features, and a well sculptured arch will accentuate and complement the face. As for a person with bangs, they generally do not need to further consider the shape of their brow. With bangs, brows need to be much softer to create a balance with the hair. To assist with the softer look, a valuable tip is to match the color of the brows as close as possible to the color of the bangs. Contrary to avoiding celebrities as brow references, Uni K Wax Centers have actually developed the “Celebrity Brow Service” which is vastly growing in popularity as it allows the customer to choose their desired brow shape with the help of a celebrity look archive as well as our unique Celebrity Brow stencils, shadows, and eyebrow tools that make it simple to maintain your new look in the center and thus at home.

What's the easiest way to fill in brows? Tips.

In our “Celebrity Brow” kit we offer various shades of mineral eyebrow powders. With these powders you will find that not only do they blend to your color, but truly fill and give your brows the fullness you are looking for.

How do you find your best brow color? Is there a general rule?

It is best to go based off your natural color and adjust accordingly. For instance, if you are naturally blonde and have dark hair it is best to darken your brows and vice versa. With the “Celebrity Brow” kit you receive 9 mineral powders and can find the color that best suits you.

How do you feel about brow tinting? Is it something that women can DIY? If so, how?

Brow tinting is a permanent and again something to leave to those trained that are familiar with the tinting product they are using.

Any brow secrets you can share? The one thing women aren't doing but should...

Moisturize! I think it is important for women and men to keep in mind that when waxing, moisturizing is vital in keeping your skin soft in between waxes. Hydration and health of the skin before and after you wax is extremely beneficial. In hydrating before you wax it allows the hair to be removed entirely with minimal discomfort and after it helps stay clear from irritation. If the skin is dry, rough, and cracked, the hair could break off rather than being removed completely from the root and your next wax will be in four weeks opposed to the general six-eight weeks.

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