Fashion of Philly: Going Grey

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Going Grey

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Out of all the colors out there, one might wonder, why in the world would you want to purposely dye your hair entirely grey? We usually associate grey hair as a thing of old age, wisdom and/or something we want to cover up, but why not look at it as a thing of beauty. Well for one thing, it looks pretty cool. Secondly, it fits in with the icy, grey winters (if you live in the northeast). Lastly, think of it as platinum instead of grey. As this trend is just starting to take off, I'm sure it will catch steam by celebs and bold beauty queens in 2015. If you're looking to change your hair color to something bold and out of the ordinary, why not give this a try. Check out more grey platinum hair inspiration on the Hair Fashion of Philly Pinterest board!

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  1. I LOVE the grey trend! I made a post about the grey hair trend and POSSIBLY getting my my whole head colored in 2015. I haven't decided yet.