Sometime ago, we were invited to an exclusive event asking us to "Liberate Your Senses" with Stella Artois. The evening allowed you to enjoy and explore all five senses of Belgium. Since I'm not a beer drinker, I was kind of weary at first, but I quickly realized that Stella Artois has a taste unlike any other.

Master Beer Sommelier, Marc Stroobandt was there to talk about what goes into the craft of beer making from the beginning to the end. He also shared with us the proper pouring and drinking techniques matched with the different types of Stella Artois beers from their Hoegaarden to the Leffe and, which is now my beer of choice, Stella Artois Cidre.

As the night went on, each glass was paired with a delicious dish. The traditional Stella Artois was paired with beer steamed mussels served in a creamy, herbal broth. All the flavors balanced so perfectly with each course, right down to the praline cheesecake for dessert.

Photos courtesy of Stella Artois
If you're not a beer drinker or if you've never tried Stella Artois, may I highly recommend picking up a case on the way to your next party. I'm sure your friends will be impressed!
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