Fashion of Philly: My New Favorite Color

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Favorite Color

When people ask me, "What's your favorite color?" I can't say that I have one because it changes so often. It all depends, on the year, the season, and of course my mood. However, so far my favorite color for 2013 is Chartreuse! (Thanks, @IanMCrumm, lol) I almost feel like it's stalking me! It first started when I took a trip to Nordstrom Rack and spotted these Steve Madden Taxxi shoes. Not only were they super cool, but the price was unbelievable, but I decided to pass. After going home and noticing how many things in my closet actually would look good with those shoes, I went back to Nordstrom the next week and the shoes were still there waiting for me. That's how you know it was meant to be! Check out my Pinterest board of other lovely neon yellow-greenish goodness I want to get my hands on!

Get the deets on my Pinterest board!

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