Fashion of Philly: The Levo League

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Levo League

Doesn't it sound like a name for a group of cool super heroes? I guess in a way it is. Well, let me explain. Last week, I attended a dinner to learn more about the Levo League, a league of young professionals, role models, and innovative companies in the global network that is taking Generation Y by storm.

When I first got the invitation, I was thinking... This sounds like one of those networking events where everyone stands around talking to people they already know until the boozes kick in. Even though there was wine, it was more of an intimate setting around a table of great food and interesting people.

Everyone introduced themselves, talked about what they did, and if they had any questions they wanted to open up to the table about their career, life or whatever else was on their mind. Everyone was so supportive and I'm so delighted I was able to meet such lovely ladies. So in a way, the Levo League is like a group of super heroes, each with their very own super powers to help each other. If you're interested in learning more about the Levo League and want to find a group near you, check out their site

Special thanks to Maxie McCoy for the invite and the Triumph Brewing Company for the flavorful food. Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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