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Hi all! Today was unexpectingly crazy! You know how you have those days where you have everything planned out in your head and then half of those things get thrown out the window? Yea, it was like that! On my way to the mall to look for iPhone cases I caught a nasty flat tire. UGH! After about 5 minutes of asking myself what to do, I decided to try changing the tire myself. And guess what? I did it without googling a how to video or even breaking a nail! YAY ME! I felt so empowered and felt the need to tell everyone, the guy at Pep Boys, my family, some people I met at a networking event later that night... Anyway, I guess now I want to pass on the great news to you. Also if you drive, I suggest you learn how to change a tire because believe it or not several people drove by me and my son (who was in the car watching movies on the iPad) and nobody stopped to say anything. Once I got over the shock of it, I realized maybe it's a good thing no one stopped because then I wouldn't have learned that I can change a tire.

By the time all that was said and done, I hurried home changed and got on my way to a Networking Event hosted by Kate Marlys, the Philly PR Girl at Xfinity Live. It was lots of fun and the rock shrimp appetizer was delis. I also had the chance to meet some of my readers, local designers such as Jannette Rochelle of JRochelle Designs, and follower bloggers. So even though there were some obstacles yesterday, I did just what my pin from pinterest says, "Keep Calm and Sparkle"! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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