I've just discovered a new, fun, and addicting way to shop online. Obaz.com is a virtual boutique showcasing the latest undiscovered brands and up-and-coming designers. You can shop from categories such as: jewelry, accessories, bags & purses, home decor, housewares, gifts and organization. When you first go to the site, you're presented with what seems like a shopping game. Merchandise featured on Obaz appears and you are given the option to want, buy, or pass. If you click want, you may find hidden special limited time offers, discounts, and other exclusives for the site. You can also share your wants through social media to spread the word.

Glamrock Two Finger Ring $16.99

Each item has its own shipping standards, returns are fast and free as long as it's within the seller's guidelines. One reason I love shopping on Obaz, is that after you create a free account, you can go back and view all the things you want under its on tab. Another reason, which is also my favorite, is that there is always something new added everyday at great prices. This increases the impulse to buy because what you see today, might not be there tomorrow. Trust me, I learned firsthand. With only a limited number of certain pieces available,  I jumped on my first order, which I love, a Glamrock Two Finger Ring from JiCreations, but after another visit to the site I found a Love Rhinestone Bracelet from PinkHeart Accessories that I just had to have. (Don't judge me, I just love accessories!)

If your in the market for something new and unique, why not check out Obaz.com today and see what you can discover!
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