It can be hard to drag yourself out of bed on a dark fall morning. If you oversleep or are in a hurry, it's still possible to make yourself look amazing! Since fall fashion isn't fussy and immaculate. Fall is all about warmth: warm colors, warm clothes, and most of all, the warmth that overflows from a person who loves and cares about others. Being open and sharing your life with other people makes you glow in a way that no clothes or makeup can. So drag yourself out of bed and put on something awesome. You never know what the day will bring!

An effortless outfit that looks both polished and comfortable is a pair of skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater. A pair of boots or wedges adds sophistication to the look, or comfortable loafers keep it casual. Almost any type of sweater will work: Long cardigans are elegant and easily accessorized, baggy sweaters with a cowl neck are more dramatic, and chunky knit pullovers are the very definition of comfy. Scoop neck sweaters and sweater vests are perfect for layering with a button-up shirt, be it flannel or fancy. Mixing and matching different sweaters and jeans lets you pull together interesting outfits in no time, since the basic formula is so forgiving.

Chic & Cozy for Fall

Chic & Cozy for Fall by brittinyfromfashionofphilly featuring j brand jeans
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The key to pulling off a simple outfit like jeans and a sweater is by adding terrific accessories. Think about your clothes as a way to highlight some of your favorite pieces. A statement necklace is the perfect complement to a layered cardigan and skinny jeans. Dramatic earrings accentuate unusual necklines. Wear glitzy chandelier earrings with a shawl collar sweater. Brooches are often overlooked, but find an interesting one to pin to a simple sweater and you'll be getting compliments all day.

Colored denim and an over-sized sweater is just one of the many gorgeous styles to wear this fall. Though don't forget: A warm smile on a chilly day does more to make a woman look beautiful than any fabulous outfit can. Work your outfit from the ground up with the perfect pair of shoes and strut your stuff this fall season. Be your confident, vibrant self, and try to make other people feel as terrific as you do and you'll be turning heads wherever you go.
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