Fashion of Philly: Walk the Talk Event

Monday, December 19, 2011

Walk the Talk Event

Saturday, December 10th was a celebration of the art of fashion and accessories at the Walk The Talk event in Philadelphia. The event was a collaboration of Young Hip & Chic, Can Ya Heel Me? And Showroom77 that brought in a plethora of artistic people. The event was beautiful: fashionable clothes, stylish accessories, amazing food, giveaways, and free shoes! This was a great networking event for models, fashion designers, and artists. The event shined light on the importance of bloggers and their impact on the media. Bloggers from Philadelphia, New York, DC, and New Jersey came out to the event. One interesting thing was the fact that this event was the idea of 16 year fashion blogger, Tweety Elitou of Young Hip & Chic! She is the youngest fashionista in Philadelphia who is making BIG moves. She is very inspiring and doing events like the Walk The Talk is only the beginning for her. She embraces her culture and has a strong passion in fashion. Overall, the event was a great experience and just being around unique people with the same passion was a blessing in its self.


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