Fashion of Philly: Designer Spotlight - LJ Greene

Friday, December 9, 2011

Designer Spotlight - LJ Greene

L.J. Greene is the designer behind of the fresh, new brand, Elley Gene. Hailing from Philadelphia from a family of  seamstress, Greene learned the proper way to sew by the age of 13. Combining the names of her grandmothers to show appreciation for the talent she's been blessed with and to reflect the unique spirit of the diverse brand, Elley Gene was born. Greene also uses music and other influential people to inspire pieces for the collection which includes dresses, tops, bottoms, outterwear, jewelry and other accessories, along with vintage pieces. With such fine creative innovation, that's no telling what L.J. Greene will come up with next. To check out more of Elley Gene go to, follow her on twitter at and "Like" Elley Gene on Facebook.

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