Fashion of Philly: Week 2 Amare Sinh "Who Would Wear It Best" Contest

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 2 Amare Sinh "Who Would Wear It Best" Contest

It's already well into Week 2 of the Amare Sinh "Who Would Wear It Best?" Contest and here's the item up for grabs, a beautiful one shouldered LBD, perfect for all sorts of occasions. Last week, it was a pair of harem pants that I actually won (big smile) and can't wait to wear to an event during The Philadelphia Collection or Philly Fashion Week. To enter, create a collage of how you would wear the AmareSinh item of the week. The collage must have written on it:
1) Your first and last name
2) City
3) AmareSinh
You must post the collage on the facebook fan page during the given week and tag yourselves. Tell your family and friends to like your post. Over the course of the given week the collages are going to collect “likes” and at the end of that week we are giving away the item to the creator of the collage with the most “likes”.

Likes will be counted until the Sunday, 1PM EST (e.g. competition starts Sunday, Aug 28, and one winner will be announced the following Sunday, Sept 4). Winners will be announced Sunday evening and so will the next AmareSinh item / official photo. This competition runs four weeks and there will be four winners. Have Fun!

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