California Dreaming

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My Chilling View

Lately in the NorthEast region (and recently down south) we've been getting pounded with snow. This is crazy being that's it's only early January. I'm scared to see what the rest of this winter has up it's sleeves. It's not like I mind the snow, as long as it doesn't stick, but when it does it can cause delay and cabin fever. Living in a Winter Wonderland can only lead to California Dreaming. On my pass trips to the Golden State, I've experienced rainy days (which barely happen) and a 6.8 earthquake! But there's still something about Cali that makes me not want to leave.

Recently, my friend Miriam went on a vaca to L.A. Of course the weather was beautiful and so were the people in postcard settings you wish you could just jump into. Not only did she bring back cute clothes, but also these inspiring pictures that I wanted to share with you. Too bad she couldn't bring the warm sunshine with her. Oh well, Enjoy and Dream On....

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  1. Ugh! I should be there!
    And this snow is getting out of hand lol