Fashion of Philly: Fur Real or Not So Real

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fur Real or Not So Real

Over the pass few years I've noticed a big turn over when it comes to fur in the fashion industry. At first I thought fake fur was mostly for those of two categories: the animal lovers or the fashion lovers with not enough funds. It now seems though, that fake fur (and leather) are appearing in a lot more places then before. More and more stores like Express are carrying the leather (minus the leather) look or eco-friendly furs. I feel that a lot of this fake fur and leathers revolution has to do with the whole eco-friendly movement. If you want to save the environment, you must want to save the animals.

Now another factor comes to mind....Quality vs. Quantity. Do the fake goods have the same quality as the real goods and are they price accordingly? Most of the faux furs and pleathers are starting to look more appealing and almost believable but they are starting to cost as much as the real goods. Over the last few weeks my two sisters were on a mission searching for the perfect pair of boots. The rules: No fakes over $50 and no leather too high pass $100! Every mall, department store, and discount shop was combed through and finally they found their treasures. One of them found leather Ralph Lauren riding style boots for only $90, originally retailing around $300. Some may argue that if you buy the fake stuff at low price points you can save money and buy more styles, while others my say all you need is one good leather pair and your good. Me, on the other hand, I like to mix it up, but whatever your choice, whether it be real or faux, and for whatever the reason just remember to look good while doing so.

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