Fashion of Philly: Celeb Look for Less: Zendaya

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Celeb Look for Less: Zendaya

Celeb Look for Less: Zendaya
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If you've been a follower of Fashion of Philly for some time now, you may have seen previous Celeb Look for Less post, but it's been a while. (Check out the last one featuring Beyonce here.) So I decided to bring them back. For one thing, I really enjoyed creating these looks, plus who doesn't like knowing that you could pay wayyyy less to dress like a celeb. This week's look is from Zendaya. She's got some amazing style and I love this jumpsuit look on her. It's stylish, comfortable and can be easily pulled off no matter your body type. Pair a grey jumpsuit with a few metallic gold accessories and you're ready for the good time.

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  1. Love that romper! I can't believe it costs only $60. What a steal!