Fashion of Philly: Beauty Review: Evian Facial Spray

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beauty Review: Evian Facial Spray

We all know Evian has some amazing tasting water, but did you also know they make facial sprays? Evian's Natural Mineral Water Spray have actually been in the US since 1978, but now you can find them in your favorite shops like Nordstrom and Sephora. These mineral facial sprays are perfect for daily use,  for refreshing your makeup, and especially traveling. 

You may be aware, airline travel can dry out your skin due to enclosed circulating air. These Evian facial sprays come in a travel sized canister that's TSA approved so you can arrive feeling and looking great. They're really easy to apply, simply spray a generous layer in a circular motion. During long international flights, Evian Facial Spray can be used with your skincare routine before applying moisturizer and throughout the flight to maintain hydration. During shorter flights, use Evian Facial Spray as a quick makeup and skin refresher.

 I love keep one in my purse because you never know when it might come in handy. Before the busiest travel seasons approaches, make sure you pick up a travel size and trying it for yourself. Find out how many different ways you can put Evian's Natural Mineral Water Spray to use by visiting and

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