Fashion of Philly: Our Ford Fiesta Experience

Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Ford Fiesta Experience

We had such a great time experiencing the 2014 Ford Feista Titanium model! To start we were a little shocked at all the technological advances the car contained. From the rear facing camera that automatically appears when the car is put in reverse to the powerful sound from the Sony HD audio/satellite radio with eight premium speakers including a sub-woofer, the new Ford Fiesta is full of surprises. 
2014 Ford Fiesta 4dr

Thanks to the up and down weather pattern which occurred over the past week, we had the chance to enjoy everything from the sunroof to the traction control. The Ford Fiesta is also prepared for winter with heated leather seats and side mirrors.

2014 Ford Fiesta 4dr

One of my favorite features of the Ford Fiesta is the SYNC AppLink technology allowing you to control pretty much everything in your car with the touch of a button and the sound of your voice. With the MyFord Touch system, you can access tons of information like the weather forecast, movie times and locations, turn by turn navigation and even see what time the Eagles play next Sunday! It's like having a tablet in your dashboard!

2014 Ford Fiesta 4dr

For all of my fashionistas out there who wish they could customize their car as much as they customize the wardrobes, here's a feature you'll love, changeable ambient lighting! You can choose from 10 different colors to coordinate with whatever you're wearing. (Check out some of the colors in the video above.) It's a great way to add a little bit of your personality to the your car. I had so much fun with this feature that I literally changed it everyday. Some other great elements for the big time shopper: great fuel mileage (38 MPG HWY) to hit up all the nearest shopping malls and a super spacious trunk to hold all your fashion finds!

2014 Ford Fiesta 4dr
Photos Courtesy of Ford
If you're in the market for a new car or know someone who is, try the newly designed Ford Fiesta! It has all the features of a luxury vehicle at a price that won't put an end to your shopping habits!

I would like to thank Ford for loaning us the Fiesta to have this wonderful experience!

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