Fashion of Philly: Crazy for Collars

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crazy for Collars

Pictures Pinned from Pinterest
Collars are the newest accessory to hit the block and it doesn't matter whether they're attached to your actual shirt or not. There's so many varieties to chose from: denim, studded, spikes, bedazzled and the list goes on and on. Along with the long list of varieties comes an even longer list of DIY tutorials and videos on how to create your own trendy style with tons of pictures from sites like pinterest for inspiration. I really admire the collars created by Miami fashion blogger Amanda Del Duca on her post Coordinated Collars, check out the editorial on CaptureFashion! I actually tried my own version of Collar DIY using some vintage screw back earrings (thanks to my Mom) and a plain white button down from Forever 21. It literally took me 2 seconds to screw them on the points of each collar and PRESTO, you took this shirt from plain Jane to stylish Suzy in seconds. Let me know what ya think!

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