Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trend: Body Chains

Beyonce (, Top Right:, Bottom: Emma Roberts

The body chain trend has been buzzing since last summer with the multiple pictures of Rihanna chilling on vaca in her Jacquie Aiche body chain, which runs for $2,315. Recently, I decided to purchase one for myself, and no mine did not cost that much, it only ran me about $10 from Love Culture.  I love the idea of the body chain because it seems like an easy to add some sparkle to a plain outfit. You can wear it by itself or with layer on necklaces to give it more of a dramatic look. I'm now experimenting different ways to style it without having to be in a bikini as the weather is not there yet, so I Google'd a few pics for inspiration. Be on the lookout for a future style post on my take of how to style a body chain.

Top Left:, Bottom Left: Keri Hilson,
 Middle: Ashley Tinsdale, Right: Rihanna in Jacquie Aiche