Fashion of Philly: Dr. Martens Stomps to Philly

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dr. Martens Stomps to Philly

On a recent visit to Philly's Walnut St., my eye happened to come across a new store front and a too-cool-for-school employee outside taking a quick break. "What's this?", I ask. Looking up at a flapping black and yellow flag, I realized it was the New Dr. Martens Flagship Store. Stepping inside, the store takes on modern industrial design with English rebel flair. Adapted from early skinheads making it a fashion trend, Dr. Martens are now a fashion boot for all people of all working classes and a favorite among fashion icons like Agyness Deyn. The dressing room area has the feel of being backstage at a 1950's rock concert with musical instrument cases piled in different corners. Every design element is well thought of from the stools for trying on a pair of the handmade boots and shoes to the cool photos taken around the shop. The staff of course was very friendly and helpful and answered any questions that I had, including one about a Grand Opening Event on September 16 featuring the band The Dead Milkmen. Be sure to check the store out for yourself and I've even included a video about the history of Dr.Martens, which is pretty interesting. I don't personally own a pair but with a store nearby and so many styles to choose from, who knows what the future holds.


  1. I am obsessed with Docs!!!

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    xoxx Monica

  2. i cant wait to get my uk dr.martens!!!:)