Fashion of Philly: AmareSinh - Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AmareSinh - Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Even though Spring has hardly shown its face, looking at AmareSinh's Fall Winter Collection for 2011 has me in the mood for autumn days. "Amare" which means love in Italian and "Sinh" meaning birth in Vietnamese, come together to commemorate love, appreciation, and beauty for life. During Philly Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting one part of AmareSinh, Huyen Tran, who is such a sweetheart. The fashion company consists of three siblings Huy, Huyen and their younger sister Sandy and together in August of 2010 they formed AmareSinh and they are off to such a great start. AmareSinh's clothing are sexy, edgy and sophisticated and are made to "enhance the architecture of a woman". The sleek designs are innovative and unique. Even though I would love to have every piece, any one piece would be a great addition to my or any woman's wardrobe. I can't wait to see what else AmareSinh has in store!

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 Click here to check out more of AmareSinh's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

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