Beach Ready with Tesalate

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A trip on a beautiful day to the beach can come with a few hassles like loading up the car, lugging everything to the beach and let's not forget about the biggest hassle, The Sand! It can get everywhere, from your hair to your beach tote, but one place it doesn't have to invade is your beach towel. Tesalate Australia Beach Towels are sand-free, lightweight and stylish. These beautifully designed towels are not only fast-drying and super adsorbent (holding up to 1 liter of water), but light-weight and easy to pack and carry with you. Thanks to this, you can bring your Tesalate towel to more than just the beach. Pack it for a lunch date in the park, use it to lay out and get some rest while hiking through the woods or dry off and stand out at your favorite water park.

The design that caught my eye was The Phoenix. I really loved the boho chic black and white pattern. I knew it would love great with my swimsuits. Even though it's super light-weight, it's also very comfortable and cozy enough to keep you warm when it's time to get out the water. Looking for something a little bit bigger? Try the Phoenix XL which still has all the amazing qualities, but is big enough for two people!

Want to find out more about Tesalate's sand-free towels and products, visit and/or follow them on Instagram @Tesalate!
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