Long Time, No Time

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Hello Loves! It's hard to believe November is almost over! It seemed to go by in a whirl. If you follow me on social media, especially Instagram, you know that at the beginning of November we went on a family vacation to Orlando, FL! In the Sunshine State, we got to experience some new spots like LegoLand and visit some favorite places in Walt Disney World. I'll be sharing more on that within the following week. Once we got back from vacation, work life has been crazy. If you don't know, I also work retail full-time as an Assistant Manager and once I came back from a relaxing vacation is was time to prep for the Black Friday Madness! Not to mention the fact that I was moved to another store to help out during the busiest week in retail. I'm also working on my online boutique ShopFashionofPhilly.com adding new products and hosting a Black Out Sale for the Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend with select style up to 25% off. Needless to say I'm pushing through and I'm ready to get you caught up on what's been going on. 2019 will be here very soon, 35 days to be exact, so let's make everyday count!

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