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Special thanks to The Boathouse Orlando for making this post possible.

When you're walking around Disney Springs, you can't help, but to notice a big crowd gathered around one of the newest spots to open at Disney Springs. The Boathouse is half gourmet restaurant, half special attraction and it is something not to be missed. During my last visit, we were invited to check out the venue and experience their mouthwatering cuisine.

Before walking in you'll notice what seems like cars parked along a driveway, but there actually Vintage American Amphicars, a hybrid between a car and a boat. These fun rides can easily navigate in the water, as if they were driving down the street. Everyone can't help but to stop and stare as they drive in and out of the water. It's the coolest thing ever, but more about that later, let's talk food!

When it comes to dining at The Boathouse, the hardest thing you'll have to do is decide on what to try first! Everything sounds delicious! From crab cakes to firecracker shrimp, there's so many great options to choose from. We literally took 15 minutes just reading over everything on the menu. Thankfully our waitress was very knowledgable and helped us narrow it down.

We first off with light drinks. Hubby had a Blueberry Lemonade Cocktail and I went with the Sangria. We enjoyed fresh rolls while trying to pick out our main course. In the meantime, we enjoyed a Florida favorite, Stone Crab Claws. These are seasonal, so we took advantage of tasting something new! The shell was very tough to crack, but the meat was so thick, sweet and delectable.

If you have lil ones, there's something for them too. Darius loved the selection and because he also likes seafood, he ordered popcorn shrimp with fries. His favorite part of his meal was the amphicar it was served in that doubled as a souvenir.

My husband is obsessed with shrimp and grits, so he naturally gravitated towards that. The weird thing is I wanted to try some too. Now you may be wondering, what's so weird about that? Well, I DO NOT eat grits, but these looked too good to not try! They didn't look like any grits I've ever seen before. They looked smooth like mashed potatoes, they smelled amazing and the shrimp were huge! Needless to say, this dish has changed my life! Not a grits person? Never tried grits? You might wanna try this, it is unbelievably scrumptious!

I personally can't resist a lobster roll! Rich and savory Maine lobster meat pile high on a toasted slit roll! What more can you ask for. And of course, I had to get classic, golden french fries to seal the deal! I can almost taste it while I'm writing this.

Unfortunately, we were so stuffed so there was no room from dessert, but we were able to take in the sweet sights around the lagoon in one of the amphicars! This was so exciting and Darius couldn't be happier!

The whole experience was very unique because there's not many amphicars left worldwide and The Boathouse is one of those places that allow you to experience actually riding in one. They also house many other types of boats that can be enjoyed for a wine cruise or other special occasions.

If you go out on the amphicars, one thing I would definitely recommend is to bring your camera! You'll get to capture some amazing photos of the Disney Springs area including Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and the Characters in Flight Helium Balloon.

I would definitely like to thank everyone at The Boathouse for their amazing service and the memorable ride. Everyone was super friendly and made you feel like you were visiting old friends. I would highly suggest that everyone stops by The Boathouse to take in the sights, taste the food and enjoy the adventure!

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