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School is back in session and summer maybe over when you look at the calendar, but clearly the weather is saying something different. That means there’s still some time to squeeze in those summer tanks and sleeveless tops before it’s too late. It also means that if you have not experienced what Dove Advanced Care Deodorant can do for your underarms, now’s your chance.
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Ever since trying it out for the first time myself, I just can’t help spreading the news about how much of a difference it has made with my underarms. I even think I brought more sleeveless tops this year than any other year. Since sharing is caring, I shared a Dove Advance Care Deodorant with my friend Khadijah to let her experience the difference. She chose the one for sensitive skin since she not really fond of the scented ones. I explained to her how Dove Advanced Care Deordorant contains NutriumMoisture to keep you feeling dry and odor-free for a long lasting 48 hours, so pulling an all-nighter while either partying or studying is not a problem. Also Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is clinically proven to reduce irritation from shaving and provides softer, smoother skin in just 3 days. Even though she usually gets her underarms waxed because the razor blade tends to break her out, she felt like her skin did become smoother and softer in between waxing.

I’ve been using Dove Advance Care Deodorant the whole summer and will still continue wearing it the rest of the year. They have tons of scents to choose from including the New Caring Coconut with hints of Jasmine.  If you’re interested in trying out the Dove Advance Care Deodorant for yourself, you can find it at your local drugstore or head over to Dove.com to see where else you can find them.
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