Come along with me as I take an extremely relaxing trip to the Lush Spa in Philadelphia. Each treatment is unique and personalize to suit your needs. The treatment I got was called The Spell which is a foot treatment meant to benefit the entire body. My favorite part about the experience, besides the actual massage, was going around the shop and selecting the items needed for the treatment. It allowed me to learn a lot more about the products and their benefits. Some of which, are exclusive to Lush Spa locations. 
One thing I realized about my visit is that Lush did an excellent job of incorporating all five senses in the process. When you're first welcomed into "the kitchen", you're offered a cup of tea or water (taste). The founder of Lush wanted the music to be another part of the journey, so each treatment has its own soundtrack (hearing). The decor is inspired by antique English living including books and dishes dating back to the early 1900's (sight). By just walking into any Lush stop, your sense of smell is heighten as you pick up the natural scents of their products. Refreshing lemongrass and cooling mint were just some of the scents used during the massage. Of course, the last one, touch, is self explanatory as you slip into relaxation. I really enjoy my visit to Lush Spa and if you're in the mood for a little relaxation, I highly recommend making an appointment! 

If you're interested in visiting Lush Spa for yourself, there are currently two locations in the US: New York and Philadelphia! To find out more information, check out their website here

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