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I would like to introduce my first male Stylist of the Month, Marcus Branch! His distinctive style is definately edgy with a huge dose of confidence. When I viewed his profile on lookbook.nu, I just knew I had to get him on Fashion of Philly. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this interview and checking out Marcus' unique, cultural influenced style. Happy Spring Everyone!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Let's see, well my name is Marcus Branch and I have a fascination with the smaller things in life. By that I mean things as simple as a whistling breeze under a perfect night sky or even hearing a song booming from a car that drives by. I find beauty in it. I plan to be a fashion photographer but I'm sure my goals won't stop there. I love to see people love. Not just one another, but themselves as well. There's a little pinch of me I guess.

Describe your personal style.
My style is difficult for me to put into words but I'll try to make a gumbo of words to sort of explain it. I know that lately a great influence on my style has come from my family's old photos. The 90's. The way my parents dressed, the tucking of shirts, the graphics, movies, music, all of it. I'm also into anything ethnic. I feel that it's important to reflect my interests as well as my culture. I'm also into things such as punk, grunge, prep, hip hop. Just a bunch of things that mold together and reflect me as an individual. If I'm asked to describe my style with one word. I could only say "Marcus."

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from several places. 90's is quite the foundation of my style because of my obsession with all of my family photos. Movies from that era also influence and inspire me as well. I also get inspired by things that aren't directly related to fashion. My past inspires me. When I was younger I was very obsessed with movement. I used to wish I had long hair, and eventually grew it, just to watch it move in the wind. I loved power rangers and now I'm obsessed with all things monochromatic. Inspiration even pours in from seeing things like eroded walls or the sky at dawn. Cracks in the pavement or small bags tangled on branches. As I've stated before, I enjoy the small things in life and I guess my style reflects that. It's an infinite source of inspiration.

Who is your favorite fashion photographer?

I'd have to say Willy Vanderperre. His work moves me so so so much. It doesn't stop at fashion with him. He tells stories, from the most simple to the thought provoking. He creates narratives and explores with angles, reflections, light, everything. I adore his eye and am challenged to explore just as he does. He's insanely talented. I can just go on and on but I feel myself slipping into a storm of adjectives in attempts to describe just how grand he is so I'll stop there.
What is your favorite song of the moment?

This is always tough. I more so have favorite albums of the moment as opposed to favorite songs. But at the m o m e n t it has to be Adele's Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX Remix) It's so addictive! I can't stop listening to it. I love Adele beyond words, truly talented and her voice sings directly to my soul. The remix just makes it that much better. This song can be on repeat and I'm sure that I won't grow tired of it for quite a while. Grand remix.

Where would you love to be your next travel destination?
That's simple. Africa. And when I say africa I don't have one specific town, area, village. I want to see it all. I feel that I must see it first hand in my own eyes to truly embrace it. I want to see and admire the art of this place, the people, the lifestyle, the clothes. I just have to, I feel that I truly need to. After Africa, India, then Asia.

Where's your top 3 favorite places to shop?
First allow me to say that I'm an avid thrifter, I feel that it truly causes you to be creative and challenges one's sense of style. Oh it also saves you hella money.

3. Salvation Army in my hometown, Norristown. They have insane things that can't be found at any other place. I love love love this place.

2. Foreign Bazaar. This is a small boutique that sells imported jewelry from India. I love their jewelry, each thing you purchase from there is a statement piece.
1. I. Goldberg. An Army surplus that has the most functional and enticing military articles that are from the actual Army. Stylish and functional, if I must say so myself. ha :D

(no particular order)

What's your favorite color?
Blue has always been my favorite color. Not just spectrum hue blue, but a range of tints and shades of blue. There is something about that color.

To check out more of Marcus Branch's style go to lookbook.nu/marcusbranch and visit his cool blog SKLTN, an online magazine of fashion, photography, and art!
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If you would like to be featured as a "Stylist of the Month" email stewartbrittiny@fashionofphilly.com Subject: Stylist. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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