Ramona Susan's Bake Shop
Jabba the Hutt Marshmallows with giant homemade vanilla marshmallows piped into the Tatooine's baddest gangster. ($4.50 each)

May the 4th is this Thursday and it doesn't matter if you're been watching since the very beginning or just jumped on the Star Cruiser, everyone, everywhere knows something about Star Wars. Check out these items from the Philadelphia area to a galaxy far, far away! You'll be sure to find something for yourself or that special fan. 

My family has been watching Star Wars since the very beginnings and still are 'til this day. I don't know if it's the iconic scenes, the classic one-liners, or the fun (and sometimes furry) creatures that get me the most, but there's something cool and exciting about getting lost in a fantasy world. Even though I won't be at Galaxy's Edge in Walt Disney World, I'll try and find a way to add a little bit of fandom into my day. Keep reading to not only find goodies and treats to show your love for the dark side or the resistance, but clothing and other items to boldly or subtly show you're a Star Wars fan.

J. Jill Cherry Hill, NJ

Spring is officially in full swing and with spring weather comes a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe! Recently, J. Jill invited me to visit one of their locations to see what new pieces they had in store for the season. I've been in J. Jill a few times before and I always remember them having pieces that were not only built around style, but comfort. For this visit, I went to their Cherry Hill, NJ location. Their stylists were very welcoming and helpful. After I picked up a few items, they set up a fitting room for me and checked in to see if I needed any additional assistance.

Hello March!

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And just like that, it's another month (and technically a whole another year since the last time I posted), but you know what, that's okay. Life happens and keeps moving forward. Sometimes it can be hard to balance our daily activities between work, time with friends and family and even just time to ourselves, but the main thing is not giving up. This year I told myself, I wanted to work on a couple of things to not only help me with my personal growth, but also growing my businesses. We are always told consistency is key and this has been the #1 thing I've struggled with and it literally comes down to planning and setting goals.  In January, I wrote out and set goals for myself and my new travel business and I'm happy to say I achieved those goals. However in February, things got a little rocky in the middle with me having a broken phone for about a week and it seemed to really throw me off my game. That problem is now fixed and looking back I know that in retrospect there were so many ways to keep myself on track, but they required more effort than I cared to make and now I'm starting to neglect not doing what I needed to do. Thankfully, it's a new month and you know how the saying goes, New Month, New Goals, New Opportunities and I'm so ready to see how much I grow in the next 31 days! Keep up with me on Instagram at @fashionofphilly and TikTok @fashionofphilly and tell me what your goals are for this month!

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Sunset Pilates for the Pups

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I hope you can join me Monday, October 3 for an evening of Sunset Pilates with Pups on the rooftop at Bok Bar in South Philadelphia. It's a great event to get your body moving and support the Pennsylvania SPCA. The workout will be led by Theresa Schweingruber of the Balance Room. This class is perfect for all levels, so feel free to bring your mat (if you don't have one, they'll be extra on site). After getting your stretch on, stick around for more fun to come. Enjoy a savory salad and refreshments from La Colombe and Reveal. Check out the pop-up shops from The Rounds, Greenly Plant Co, Sole Active, and Franklin &  Whitman. Mix & mingle with adorable rescue pups from the PSPCA and if you make a friend you just can't part with, you can start the adoption process during the event and Franklin & Whitman will pay the adoption fee! Not able to adopt? Don't worry because all proceeds from the event will be donated to the PSPCA, so you're still helping out.

For further details and more information, visit the Events page on franklinandwhitman.com.